“The best hard-core saddlebag and tank-bag solution we’ve found is from Giant Loop…. There are cheaper solutions to carrying stuff, but these American-made pieces have been over mountains and across deserts with no issues.”
—Cycle World Magazine, November 2015

Dead solid stable, super rugged and lightweight, Giant Loop’s motorcycle saddlebags, panniers, tank bags, dry bags and adventure motorcycle packing systems enable riders to undertake the most extreme adventures around the world.

Giant Loop’s adventure motorcycle packing systems shave pounds of metal from adventure touring motorcycles compared to typical motorcycle hard luggage systems. By positioning weight closer to the center of the bike, our packs instantly improve off-road handling and performance. Our unique “biomorphic” design wraps the load around the motorcycle subframe, placing it exactly where engineers intended for bikes to carry weight. This means few cracked and broken subframes — as well as eliminating broken mounting hardware, racks, subframes and bent up boxes.

Every stitch and seam of Giant Loop’s product line represents years of testing and development by real dirt bike, dual sport and adventure touring motorcycle riders over thousands of miles in the most demanding conditions. Welcome to the freedom of ultra-lightweight, self-supported, dirt, dual sport, adventure touring and sport bike motorcycle touring.


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