Motor Floater Bear and Burglar Buster

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Utilizing an innovative combination of tungsten carbide carabiners and high-strength titanium-core Dyneema straps to suspend motorcycles up to 20 feet off the ground, the Motor Floater ensures that bike and gear are safely out of the reach of would-be thieves, be they two- or four-legged.

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According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, nearly 52,000 motorcycles were stolen in 2021 in the USA alone. For centuries, backcountry explorers have utilized bear bags to safely hang their food and supplies out of the reach of furry thieves. Giant Loop engineers have taken this tried and true method one step further, adapting it to protect adventure motorcycles and gear in both urban and backcountry environments.

The Giant Loop Motor Floater is designed to integrate seamlessly with other GL products, fitting neatly into the GL Possibles Pouch for storage and transport, and utilizing the existing webbing loops on Giant Loop luggage to quickly attach and lift motorcycles without the need for additional hardware. The versatile strap hangers can be adapted to a variety of environments and anchor points including telephone poles, trees, lamp posts, or stop lights, ensuring ultimate motorcycle security in both urban and rural environments. No trees? No problem when you utilize the optional Ascender Extender telescoping anchor rods (sold separately).

The Motor Floater also functions as a backcountry clothesline, rope swing, tow strap, and recovery kit, as well as providing an elevated position for maintenance tasks like tire changes and chain lubrication. The optional Burglar Hurler add-on allows riders to further protect their ride with a snare trap designed to quickly wrap around a would-be thief’s ankle and suspend them vertically until authorities (or predators) arrive.

“The Motor Floater works so well, half of our product testers couldn’t even get their OWN bikes down. It doesn’t get safer than that.”

Ima Theev – Giant Loop security expert

12 reviews for Motor Floater Bear and Burglar Buster

  1. Bill

    Does the Expander Adventure Tent still work while it’s 20’ off the ground? I got one of those last year.

  2. Ivan

    A hover hook should have been included. Without one, I am forced to add a 25′ ladder to my usual kit.

  3. MCN Ben

    Ever since I added the RTW Panniers to my 1250gs I was worried stuff getting stolen from the bags, and little critters making their way into our home made chili. Now I can sleep easy knowing my bike is safe. Bonus points for being able to get right under the bike to change oil. Only 1 thing I wish is that it came with the Ascender Extender Poles and not an extra accessory.

  4. steve chayt

    lifted my 600 lb pig a KLR straight off the ground and into safety. Ever since i bought this marvel of a bike, i have had concerns that bigfoot may take revenge on us would be hunters…..thanks GL!

  5. Todd

    Best option ever…
    Thief got caught in tbt snare and then ended up attracting bears with his sniveling cries. While they batted him around I was able to get away clean on the 500.

  6. Carl

    Disclaimer-I was provided one for free in exchange for a review. Being a backpacker and used to hanging my food, this was a simple and effective hang. I recommend attaching your food bag to the bike so you’re only doing one hang.

  7. Neil N

    I would give this 5 stars but compatibility with the GLkegerator and GL adventure tent is dubious… even from my “safety third” standards.

  8. Mr. Flinstone

    Tire changer, chain maintainer, oil changer. GAME CHANGER. Once again GL does it best. Thank you for continuing to innovate, it’s just hits after hits. I bought two just in case and couldn’t be happier.

  9. Mike Aufeeskold

    It’s effective, but there is a downside: While I slept soundly knowing my bike and gear were safe, someone absconded from camp with my buddies bike. Then I was stuck riding two up out of the woods and had to share what was left of my booze.

  10. Scott

    Genius! Also applicable to family camping trips when our children misbehave during periods of weak internet connectivity. Purchased five, one for each child. Thank you, GL!

  11. MyADV360

    Can’t beat the price! Not only does it keep your gear safe but chain maintenance, oil changes, tire inflation and bike inspections are soooo much easier!

  12. Matt the Wanderer

    I am at a loss to describe how useful this product has become! At first it seemed a bit like a copy of the well-known Touratech Bike Suspender set but upon opening the box I realized that THIS KIT WAS DIFFERENT. Unlike competitors, this setup includes the needed spiky things to get a proper grip way up high in those trees and the incredible Dyneema straps really did hold up. Way up. I’ve been admiring my new GS from an ant’s point of view for three days now. What a product.

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